Association “the opposition bloc” and “For Life” is in the interests of the banking – analyst

Объединение «Оппоблока» и «За Життя» производится в интересах Банковой - политолог

The unification of the parties “Oppositional block” and “For life” takes place with the consent and in the interests of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, headquartered in Kiev on Bankova street.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the scientist, head of the analytical center “INPOLITE” Sergey Bykov.

“Association Lyovochkin-Boyko, Rabinovich is a project Bankova crushing the South-Eastern niche of the opposition. This Association of the “gas group” of the “opposition bloc” with the “For Life” has been agreed with the group members V. Kolesnikov and V. Novinsky, who was initially against such a step,” – described the situation the analyst.

According to Mr Bykov, after learning of the news about the Union, “the Opposition bloc” and “For Life”, Kolesnikov and Novinsky will be outraged.

“I am sure that now followed by the response from them, because they just tried to “throw”. Association of Levochkina – Rabinovich speaks about the strengthening of the position of Medvedchuk in political life. Namely, Medvedchuk is the main Communicator between Bankova and the Kremlin,” – said the analyst.

Earlier it was reported that the co-Chairman of the party “Opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko, the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich has signed an agreement to establish a “platform of the Opposition For life”. About this smartly and Rabinovich said on November 9 at the Verkhovna Rada, noting that invited all opposition forces to unite on the basis of their platforms, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“There are three points at which we invite everyone: the first is the establishment of unconditional peace in the country, the second – end to the economic genocide of the Ukrainian people and the third – the creation of an independent neutral country, the “Switzerland of Eastern Europe” – said Rabinovich. Answering the question of journalists about the presidential candidate from this political force, Boiko said:

“We will be really the only candidate in the presidential elections, but it is still a cause for debate, it will be in the future.”

At the same time, sources of “the Ukrainian truth” in the “opposition bloc” note that the group of Rinat Akhmetov decided to suspend its participation in the process of unification of the party “Opposition bloc” with the party “For life”. According up, on this occasion there were long negotiations.

The group Firtash-Lyovochkin and Medvedchuk with Rabinovich has said it is ready to join now, but the representatives of Akhmetov, said do not see such a hurry any sense. “I don’t know what they decided without us. But we humans are self-sufficient and believe that to rush such a delicate topic just not worth it,” admitted one high-ranking source from the group of Akhmetov.

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