Argentine fisherman rescued three drowning children with a rod

Аргентинский рыбак спас трех тонущих детей с помощью удочки

In Argentina, the fisherman saved drowning girl with the rod.

On a videotape of the incident drew attention to local newspaper Clarin.

The incident occurred on one of the beaches of the municipality of General Alvarado, province of Buenos Aires, on Sunday, November 25. Hernan Maria Galarza while fishing noticed that you acquired a tan near the three girls suddenly disappeared. He stared at the waves and saw some items that at first seemed to him floating backpacks. After a few seconds of Galarza realized that this is the missing children.

The fisherman noticed that his fishing line became entangled, and followed its direction. He guessed that one of the girls wrapped it around the palm of your hand to avoid being washed out to sea. Galarza shouted to the children that will not allow them to drown. The man continued to pull the line, but soon ran to seek help. Near the beach, he came upon 17-year-old boy and asked him whether he floats. As it turned out, the guy dreamed of becoming a lifeguard and, without hesitation, jumped into the waves.

While the fisherman was not one of the three girls could escape on their own. The young man pulled out another, while Galarza held a fishing rod a third girl. The rescue took about 20 minutes.

The rescued children were from 11 to 13 years. They admitted that they did not understand, as noted in the water line. According to Fisher, the girls are lucky that it rips.

“It was a very tense moment, it would be terrible to see them die. Such a sight would stand before the eyes of the rest of my life if I didn’t do anything to help them,” said Galarza.

After rescuing the Teens was taken to the emergency room. The beach where the incident occurred, is considered dangerous for swimming: there are a lot of rocks and strong waves.

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