Arestovich said about the gap with the ROC and Russia’s attempt to arrange a second Georgia in Ukraine

Арестович рассказал про разрыв с РПЦ и попытку России устроить вторую Грузию в Украине

About important events of last year, religiosity, Tomos and a good strategic game of Ukraine, said military expert Alexey arestovich, according to the Politek.

About religious tolerance Ukrainians

Important events that happened in Ukraine last year:

  1. The cessation of political activities of Mikhail Saakashvili
  2. Getting Thomas
  3. The adoption of the law on de-occupation of the Donbass, and translation of ATO in EP.

The national Church is one of the pillars of the Westphalian system. Ukraine is in a transit period of history, and she must somehow pass this way.

The national state is the optimal form of transition this transition period.

Ukraine is a tolerant state, which gave a sample of religious tolerance. We have 50% are Orthodox, 25% Protestant, 25% Catholic. And this complex situation between the Autocephalous Church of Kiev and Moscow Patriarchate. But in the end, the unity Council took place without any hiccups.

In Russia really did not expect that the Ukrainian Church separate from them. They hoped to contradict to Constantinople, but it did not work.

The law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on re-registration will lead to the fact that the flock will stipulate their own shepherd. Most will go to our side, and the rest will be marginalized or leave the territory of Ukraine, or try to be the Church in exile or rebellion. And it is also bad because it is a direct collaboration with the enemy.

From the open data of the Ministry of defence the Russians knew that he was going to retire 20 thousand Ukrainian soldiers. As during martial law, you cannot quit, in Ukraine further called on reservists. We have added 30 thousand.

The Russians hoped that it will be possible to do so, as with Georgia. When they were six months rocked the situation of border incidents, and then it allowed the Europeans, who are very fond of Russian, to say that both sides are guilty.

It’s always the threat of gradual escalation.

Cruise ships in the Kerch Strait has made it clear that Russia is a military aggressor. You can’t ignore the second or the third incident on the border of Ukraine, and in particular, in the Azov-Kerch area, because it will be treated as following the acts of military aggression of Russia.

In a situation of martial law, we see almost the first sample over the 27 years of independence a good strategic game of Ukraine against the enemy, which is superior to us in everything.

Strategic communication in the state completely failed.

The majority of citizens believe that the military situation is very bad.

Now it is impractical to continue the military situation, as this may affect the election. It is better to stop, but to continually training reservists, ready to immediately go into battle.