Archaeologists found ancient burial of children

Археологи нашли древнее захоронение детей

In Peru archaeologists have discovered a new mass grave of pre-Columbian Chimu culture with the remains of children and llamas.

About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the Peruvian archaeologist Gabriel Prieto.

“We found the burial with the remains of 132 children and 262 Lam. The latest is that of the 132 children, 10, apparently, belonged to the Chimu elite. They were dressed in hats with feathers and the clothes are very good quality, painted materials,” – said the archaeologist.

According to him, the discovery indicates that in the culture of the Chimu sacrificed not only children from the lower social strata, but also “leaders of the CPM also sacrificed their own children”, as evidenced by the luxury that some children were buried. According to the time when, presumably, it was made a sacrifice, one of the alleged purposes of human sacrifice was freedom from adverse natural events (particularly El niño).

Archaeologists are working in the district of Huanchaco in Northern Peru. Prieto said that the discovery of the remains of children, whose age varies from 6 to 14 years, is the result of work carried out in 2016 under the auspices of the National Geographic.

According to Prieto, the sacrifice of children played an important role not only in the religious rituals of the Chimu but also influenced the “craft industry”.

“Just as the Egyptians developed the funeral industry, creating monumental mausoleums or sarcophagi, it seems that the chime has also sought to ensure that their sacrifices were accompanied by colored fabrics, artifacts from metal … and exotic feathers brought from the Amazon,” he said.

Also, earlier it was reported that in Algeria, the archaeologists found stone tools and animal bones with traces of cutting age 1.9–2.4 million years ago.