Arab scientist explained why Iran will not respond to US provocations in the Persian Gulf

Арабский политолог объяснил, почему Иран не будет реагировать на провокации США в Персидском заливе

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) will ignore any military maneuvers of the Navy of the United States in the Persian Gulf, as otherwise a response to Tehran will lead to a new regional war.

This was stated by Arab analyst Hassan al-DAMI in the comment to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“Now it is clear that Washington is planning to organize provocations in the region, – said, in particular, the expert – the task of the U.S. to provoke Iran into a “sea battle”, which could result in an American missile strike on Isfahan, Bandar Abbas and even Tehran.”

As stressed by H. al-DAMI, in this case Iran will take a “neutral situation”.

“The Iranian Navy will control the movement of a potential enemy, but to succumb to the actions of the US Navy, they will not” – said the analyst.

We will remind, the day before the Pentagon officially announced the dispatch to the Persian Gulf the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis and five patrol ships. According to official information, the main goal of the maneuvers is “a demonstration to Iran of the military power of the United States.”

Previously, America has accused Iran of continuing Tehran Iran’s nuclear program and has threatened to strike on the territory of Iran missile strike.

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