Apple has released an update for the iPhone Xs and Xs that fixes the problems with charging and Wi-Fi

Apple выпустила обновление для iPhone Xs и Xs, исправляющее проблемы с зарядкой и Wi-Fi

Apple has published an update of the operating system for mobile devices — iOS 12.0.1. No new features this update does not add, it contains corrections of several discovered in recent time errors.

It is reported

IOS 12.0.1 update fixes the notorious problem with charging the new iPhone, which was previously called ChargeGate. Recall that because of this error the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max often refused to charge on the wire when the screen is off. The update fixes several other bugs, including the one that limited the wireless interface Wi-Fi in the new iPhone 2.4 GHz with 5GHz, which led to a significant drop in data transmission speed. Among other fixes – button “.?123” returned to its former place. Also fixed a bug that broke the subtitle display in some apps, and a bug that caused problems in the wireless Bluetooth interface. Updating the operating system iOS 12.0.1 can be downloaded from Apple’s website or directly from the device through the settings menu. Its size is about 100 MB.

Recall that Apple pays a lot of attention is augmented reality. She recently bought a startup Akonia Holographics involved in the development of lenses with support for AR. To support augmented reality designed camera True Depth intended in the first place to unlock the screen face.

Perhaps the company just announces the AR lenses as a year ago — wireless зарядкуAirPower. Recall, a Mat for charging multiple devices at once still did not come out.

Apple will certainly introduce three new iPhone and the fourth generation of smart watches Apple Watch. Official renderings of new products is already on the Internet.

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