Anti-corruption prosecutors raided the searches in police Inspectorate Chekan

 Антикоррупционная прокуратура нагрянула с обысками в Инспекторат полиции Чекан

At the police station in Ciocana district were searched on charges of corruption. The investigation conducted by the anticorruption prosecutors and officers of the internal security Service of the interior Ministry.

As a result of checks, arrested two law enforcement officers. In the houses of the suspects carried out searches.

By words a press-the Secretary of anti-corruption prosecutors Anastasia Mihalceanu, the investigation is carried out in the framework of cases of corruption.

At the beginning of this year, the same area has already been searched in the framework of another case. Then, on suspicion of corruption detained three police officers. They, according to prosecutors, got two thousand euros from suspects in the robbery, promising to close the case.

It is known that these things are not related to each other.