Anti-corruption authorities are unable to reach self-sufficiency expert

Антикоррупционные органы не могут выйти на самоокупаемость – эксперт

For the year from corrupt officials confiscated to the state budget only 5 thousand dollars because effektivnoi of anti-corruption bodies.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Kirill Molchanov.

“Last year the figure was approximately the same, about 5 thousand dollars. This is an indication that the anti-corruption authorities are unable to reach self-sufficiency. Although their contents are allocated hundreds of millions of dollars. They can’t even fill the budget by the confiscation of property of corrupt officials. And those 5 thousand dollar managed to gather from the ordinary minor officials. That is, a single large fish caught was not. This is a demonstration that the whole system can be built up by years of NABOO, SAP and NACP completely ineffective and does not work”,- said K. Molchanov.

According to him, the Western partners will continue to demand to audit the NEB, which to date have not been implemented. Although the auditor NABOO is already.

“Then will demand to introduce electronic verification system, e-declarations. Western partners will try to “tighten” the mechanism, otherwise they will admit that the plan to fight corruption, which they designed, in fact, is a failure. I think that this year no changes will be exactly. Do not exclude that after presidential and parliamentary elections updated the Ukrainian leadership will begin to reform these bodies,” – concluded K. Molchanov.

Recall, for 2018 by the decision of the court of corrupt officials in the budget confiscated a 140.6 thousand hryvnias at the exchange rate of the National Bank at the end of the year is 5010 U.S. dollars.

It is reported by the head of the expert organization StateWatch Gleb Kanevsky, referring to the letter of the State Treasury service.

The funds obtained by budget line, which includes both directly confiscated funds and the proceeds from the sale of property confiscated by the court for committing of corruption.