Anna Muzychuk took the first step towards the 1/4 final of the 2018 world Cup on chess – news ZIK.UA

Анна Музичук зробила перший крок до 1/4 фіналу ЧС-2018 з шахів – новини ZIK.UA

In Khanty-Mansiysk, where the 2018 world Cup on chess among women, today, November 9, was played the first classic games of the 1/8 finals.

For graduates of the Lviv state University of physical culture – sisters Anna and Maria Muzychuk – party with their participation ended according to the classical grandmasters of the highest level result: Anna won with the white pieces, and Maria black color draw, the official website RGUFK.

The third rival Anna Muzychuk at the world forum in Khanty-Mansiysk is titled Bulgarian ex-world champion Antoaneta Stefanova. Experience and skill both grosmeisters does not hold, so expected that Ukrainian-Bulgarian confrontation will be difficult for Anna, and for Antoaneta. However, pleasure should be noted that the first batch of this forecast is not justified. Galichanka, as they say, a hundred percent have used the first-mover advantage and confidently brought it to victory. And he did it not only convincing, but also quite fast.

Antoaneta Stefanova literally could not get out of the black debut. According to Anna Muzychuk, and my opponent surprised her by playing the Russian party. “Not sure, played Antoinette ever this debut, but I don’t think she was well prepared for the answer that I chose. Already on the ninth move, she played inaccurately, after which I took a spatial advantage, and already it was easier to play white,” he said after the game Anna.

Very quickly, by the 15th move, black was in a very difficult position, and white has successfully used all the advantages of his position. As a result, on the 26th move, a few moves to mate the ex-world champion Antoaneta Stefanova admitted defeat.

Note that this was the fifth win in a row Muzychuk-senior reporting tournament since the start – a nice fact, but no more. After all, the world championship is held according to the knockout system, for every round all participants start from a clean slate. And now, winning the first game, Anna tomorrow need black figures at least to give Antoinet. So let’s not guessing anything, and will simply keep our Anya fists.

Анна Музичук зробила перший крок до 1/4 фіналу ЧС-2018 з шахів – новини ZIK.UA

In the same way as her younger sister Maria, who played black against MOBI Alysa from Iran (pictured), who became a real discovery of this year’s world championship. Recall Moby in the first round defeated the German Elizabeth Pench (1.5:0.5), and the second has won both games have a Polish woman Monica Socko – 2:0. She was just a few moves away from victory today. Iranian chess player gained an advantage after the opening and methodically increased his advantage. In the Queen endgame white was very close to victory, but Alysa was wrong, and Maria managed to escape with perpetual check after 49 moves MOBI.

So let’s be honest – today muzichuk Jr. fantastically lucky. So tomorrow, in order not to offend fate, she has to play the way she knows how to do it in principle. I hope it will happen. But again, let’s not think, and just be all its fiber to rooting for our favorite beauties, who know how to play the ancient game on the planet best in the world!

To your attention the results of all the first batches of 1/8 final of the 2018 world Cup:

Zhai Mo (China) – Ju Wenjun (China) – 0:1

Zavadska Jolanta (Poland) – Zhansaya Abdumalik (Kazakhstan) – 1:0

Natalia Pogonina (Russia) – Kateryna Lahno (Russia) Is 0.5:0.5

Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine), Antoaneta Stefanova (Bulgaria) – 1:0

Dronavalli Harika (India) – Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) – 0.5:0.5

Alisa Galliamova (Russia) – Lay TNCs (China) Is 0.5:0.5

Moby Alysa (Iran) – Maria Muzychuk (Ukraine) Is 0.5:0.5

Goreham Thrgouh (Uzbekistan) – Valentine Gunna (Russia) – 1:0

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