Animals in the city zoo happy in the snow

 Животные в столичном зоопарке обрадовались выпавшему снегу

Like little children rejoiced to heavy snowfalls last week, the inhabitants of the Chisinau zoo. Contained here are many wild animals froliced among the snowdrifts. Including two Siberian tigers, Renat and basi. They usually sleep in their cages, but then are unable to resist the desire to stroll through the snow.

“When the first snow, the tiger and the lion got out of their enclosures, it is possible to say warm, and began to swim and enjoy the snow, which is not always to the liking of the people.”But a kangaroo is not so happy abundant snowfall. Some days they resisted to go outside. And just when the storm began to subside, these representatives of the tropical countries began to emerge into the fresh air, to bask in the sun, reports canal3.”When the snow fell, the kangaroo got scared and never went outside. They are like birds sitting in their shelter not to get wet because if the hair gets wet, they have a cold.”In winter, the zoo is not so many visitors, but this weekend, some citizens decided took advantage of the nice weather and go for a walk.”Well for those who went into hibernation, a bear for example is not visible, only see a tiger. Interesting birds, parrots, Zebra out on the street”.”Of course they like, and not only animals, but all of us like the snow.”Experts say that the large changes in temperature significantly affect the behavior of wild animals. They become more irritable, nervous, but at the same time, learn to adapt.