Ani Lorak and coat: the trick of the singer angered fans

Ани Лорак и шуба: выходка певицы разозлила фанатов

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who recently divorced with her husband Murat Nalchajian, disappointed fans stage.

Actively touring in Russia, the artist February 9 presented in Saratov with her show DIVA, appeared in a very strange outfit. Ani Lorak came on stage in a revealing bodysuit, Nude, and white fur coat to the floor, which the network has dubbed “Chewbacca costume”reports the observer.

A video of the concert published in Instagram the singer herself. “It was an amazing evening…” — briefly signed it, but immediately ran into harsh criticism the fans. Despite the fact that fans were satisfied with the performance, her outfit caused the anger.

“You have a beautiful figure, but fur Chewbacca. Why?” “I really like your songs, but these bathing suits on stage you dechawat”, “you Sing, of course, good, but always naked. Thought you were naked!”, “I can’t look at you in shorts and a helmet!”, “Out in underwear on stage ugly”, “What is this polar bear on stage?”, “Well, what for so to be naked?!” — write under the video.

“And*ski with each song grow and grow”, — noted one of the subscribers.