Andrew Paluchowski: Zelensky can never be President of Ukraine

Андрей Пелюховский: Зеленский никогда не сможет быть президентом Украины

Politicians, storytellers, which is wishful thinking, today in Ukraine almost 80%, and the biggest problem is that they believe.

About this on air of the program “Right to vote” on ГолосТV Chairman of the public organization “Protection and assistance” Andrew Paluchowski.

“According to our analysis, Vladimir Zelensky can never be President of Ukraine. He started the wrong rhetoric, he began with PR, began to praise. You cannot start a campaign with guile. He says he is an honest and decent man, and alleged Yanukovych in his time offered him 100 million dollars and he refused. It is obvious that Yanukovych was a very greedy man, and this simply could not be. Zelensky this statement, apparently, wanted to unite people,” – said A. Paluchowski.

Head of NGO “Protection and assistance” added that Zelensky is an actor, but politics can not be duplicated in the policy Zelensky no room for error. Of course, his sharp political humor, and he could go to Russia and criticize power there, but he doesn’t want to imagine the fate of Sentsov.

“People are already starting to hate Zelensky, and the power developed against him “antibiotic”, it is not afraid, and a rating of “95 quarter” falls. A small man, he from the feeling of power, already feeling himself President, and if he still will be on the stool, maybe just from her fall. His humor has no interest. The person who wants to become President, should be above all a strong spirit. Zelensky, on the contrary, he praises himself and became a great man for himself”, – said A. Paluchowski.

The expert added that many people are mistaken that Zelensky may be the leader of the nation and the leader of the country. This man is trying to stand out unnaturally. The leader of the nation is a strong-willed person, which is not true of Zelensky. Man touts himself, but the policy is not based on deceit. For the leader of a nation needs to speak with actions and deeds, not empty words. Zelensky is a man without opinions, he had no command, he does not even with whom to consult.

According to A. Petuhovskogo, today the results for the ratings is the current President. Oddly, he is not in danger, for it is to stand up for the Church.

“We have developed an unusual methodology. We ask any politician – presidential candidate of all 5 issues of interest to people. From the responses to the policy once it becomes clear that he is. People will hear and see, disingenuous or not. To determine this, you can immediately”, – said the head of NGO “Protection and assistance”.

According to him, wizards today is those politicians who indulge in wishful thinking and tell stories. We have almost 80% of these storytellers, but they believe, and this is a big problem.

“Unfortunately, today we had a split society, so that all policies should be merged together to split the country. The Ukrainian people already care about what happens to his country. We are one Ukrainian people, but now we are on the verge of disintegration of the country”, – said A. Paluchowski.

According to the head of the NGO “Protection and assistance”, the current presidential election campaign may fall in the history of the world.

“I’m sure there will be something unusual. The presidential campaign will be hard, and this time will result in an unprecedented amount of dirt. When you pour out all the dirt, I hope that we’re clear let’s go to new political cycle”, – summed A. Paluchowski.

To note, elections of the President of Ukraine will take place in 2019. December 31, 2019 will be officially launched the election campaign.