Andrew Paluchowski: the First of February, we “shoot” the most worthy presidential candidate

Андрей Пелюховский: Первого февраля у нас «выстрелит» самый достойный кандидат в президенты

Ratings today is the terrible manipulation that exists, as discussed the one we are given to discuss.

About this on air of the program “Right to vote” on ГолосТV Chairman of the public organization “Protection and assistance” Andrew Paluchowski.

According to A. Petuhovskogo, February 1, we will make the new candidate, and will discuss only it. There will be a new person and declare itself.

“Personally, I’m willing to believe him, as this worthy man. We will have a worthy candidate, he has to chase. If it will make the product that he invented, he will appear in the second round of presidential elections. As for our organization, “Protection and assistance”, we will, or someone to help, or you can create a powerful political platform. If we support someone, it will be a political Memorandum,” – said the speaker.

The Chairman of the NGO “Protection and assistance”, said that the scope of the rating organizations – is 24 regions of Ukraine and 10 districts of Kiev. On the 10th the output rating, and on the organization’s website appeared to have 300 thousand subscribers.

Fresh rating, published by public organization “Protection and assistance”, looks quite unexpectedly, the first five were Poroshenko (1st place), Skotsyk (2nd place), Boyko (3rd place), Zelensky (4th place) and Timoshenko (5th place).

“Poroshenko today, the most sustainable rating. The first factor that Poroshenko came in first place in the ranking, is a religion. Tomos has played a positive role in this issue, the electorate believed the President. Today Poroshenko is the most stable rating among all presidential candidates, and Tomos, in General, is regarded as an achievement of the Ukrainian people, as opposition to Russia, because it became his own independent Church. Religion is the most significant factor today, and 9 million voting – this is a very serious support. In principle, religion is what’s keeping the poor from killing the rich. Also important factor is the so-called adminstra. The administrative resource of fear for the environment, Poroshenko. Poroshenko has already entered the history of Tomos, Poroshenko and his family no one will touch, because for him to stand up for the Church. But the environment is Poroshenko going to jail, they now want to survive”, – said A. Paluchowski.

The Chairman of the NGO “Protection and assistance” added that Skotsyk in the first five rating, ranks second. He, unlike the Opposition bloc, for three years has significantly developed its party structure. Party Skotsyk is now on the 3rd place ranking. Skotsyk has built a party structure that people believe in. He carried out party-building on the principle of the community, he created the party on the principle of the American community, the fact that he left the party that bought Granovsky, shows that Skotsyk against the oligarchs. However, the electorate which is the party of the agricultural sector, will vote for Skotsyk. He sustained 20% support. Skotsyk came from the Agrarian party, he departed, but his electorate is not moved. Everyone will vote for Skotsyk, and this is the reality today.

“Boyko is on the third place of the rating. It supports East constituency. But the rating of it is temporary, because in 4 years he never built the party system – the party “Opposition bloc”. By the way, the vultures Ukrainian policy, we called the cynical politicians, the cynicism of which are statements that only they have the key to peace. So, Boyko declares that they have the key to peace in Ukraine, the key of the world from them. Thus they allow themselves to play on human lives. The methodology of achieving power is the nasty message – don’t want to kill you, then vote for us. That is, Rabinovich indirectly States that would trade in human lives”, – stressed A. Paluchowski.

He added about Zelensky that he just has sympathy, but he has no rating. Gordon is a subtle psychologist and a manipulator, Zelensky invited for an interview and turned all of his essence out. People saw the greed Zelensky and hated it. Zelensky today just have no rating.

The speaker also noted that Tymoshenko has constructed a great party system. Opinion on Tymoshenko positive, but to its surroundings as negative. It’s a ship with puffed-out sails, which is the anchor – and this environment of Yulia Tymoshenko. There are a lot of toxic people. By the way, Tymoshenko for the eyes called “mom.”

A. Paluchowski added that recently the desire to be the President said Smeshko. He has a weak recognition, but this recognition will give him Gordon. In addition to the retired generals in his entourage no one party structure had not built and no performers. However, behind all this is a pattern. It is known that Smeshko recently agreed to cooperate with one political platform. It’s a long con, which Gordon knew even six months ago. This is a serious strategic move. By the way, Smeshko today is acting Advisor to the President.

Rating for today is the terrible manipulation that exists. Today is the one we are given to discuss. The first legislative initiative we would be if we come to power – disable the ratings, because this is a terrible manipulator. Sociologists, political scientists – all involved in this.