Ancient oak by the shape of the female profile has interested scientists

Древний дуб с формой женского профиля заинтересовал ученых

A dramatic story that has touched many Americans and tourists. As locals tell Madisonville (Kentucky), the age-old oak suddenly took on the image of women, thereby appealing to many caring.

About it writes portal Еsoreiter.

The story started with the incident: a stranger knocked at the house of a woman, which belonged to the oak, and killed her. The body of the killer threw it into the backyard. Unfortunately, the fact the police did not disclose the offender remained at large.

After the death of Mandy (that was the name of a woman), the oak was struck by lightning. It would seem that the tree will never live again. However, a miracle happened. As the growth of the branches all began to notice that the oak takes the form of a female head. To see a true natural wonder, thousands of tourists come from all over the world.

The tree lived for four centuries, and in 60-e years it was destroyed by a strong hurricane. What a sad story about the oak tree that was a reminder of what happened grief.

Meanwhile, on 27 August, the US first lady Melania trump took part in the planting of a tree on the South lawn of the White house.