Anatomy of the series: Anna Mikhalkova, Evgeny Tsyganov and Daria Moroz in the series “Red Bracelets”

Anatomy of the series: Anna Mikhalkova, Evgeny Tsyganov and Daria Moroz in the series "Red Bracelets"
Anatomy of the series: Anna Mikhalkova, Evgeny Tsyganov and Daria Moroz in the series “Red Bracelets”
In early August, the first channel hosted the long-awaited premiere of the “Red Bracelets” – adaptation of the Spanish hit about children who were forced to be in the same hospital. Each of them has a diagnosis, but all of them are united by friendship. This is an optimistic view of a complex topic from the scriptwriter of “Arrhythmia” Natalia Meshchaninova. The series was shot back in 2015, but only now appeared on the air. SPLETNIK.RU tells why it was worth waiting for so many years.

About what

It is not accepted to shoot about hospitals in Russia, especially about the children’s department. But the “Red Bracelets” successfully manages to break the doubts of the audience. Young heroes look convincing, and the main message of the series does not force the instinctive turn away from the screen, trying to avoid a collision with the severity of their diseases.

The feeling of unreality is present throughout all series, even the hospital in which the heroes are staying looks more like a large cruise liner on the seashore than as a medical facility building. But the main thing here is that this is a story about children who want to be loved and protected, especially in a situation where death so closely approached them. That’s why they team up together to cope with the fear of loneliness inherent in all people.


Oleg has already been hospitalized for two years, he has undergone ten courses of chemotherapy: he has cancer of the tibia, due to which he had to amputate his leg. Once a new boy, Dima, was brought to his room in the ward, who should undergo the same operation. They quickly find a common language and decide to build a team of “Red Bracelets” of six people: two leaders, handsome, irreplaceable, smart and, of course, a girl.

So they get to know Christina, suffering from anorexia, Ilya, who has heart problems, Anton, who suffered a fracture in a car accident, and Romka, who is in coma for four months. Uniting, they overcome fear of the upcoming trials and give each other the support that they can not get from adults.

Parents look much more infantile compared to adolescents who are in a difficult situation. Some of them go headlong to work in order not to take into account the diagnoses of their children, and some, on the contrary, start to build relationships with their own child, with whom they could not communicate before.


The series was shot back in 2014, when many of those who played the main roles, just started a career. So, Stasya Miloslavskaya at the time of filming was a first-year student at the Moscow Art Theater School, Gleb Kalyuzhny just finished shooting in the movie “14+”, where he played his first role, and Kuzma Kotrelev was a student at Oleg Tabakov’s theater college and did not make his debut on the Moscow Art Theater stage them. Chekhov. Now they are in demand in the profession, and each of them has many new projects ahead of them.

However, many adult actors also have not overtaken glory. For example, Stepan Devonin plays a resident who communicates with the children on equal terms. This year, the actor received the prize for Best Actor in the film “The Heart of the World” by his wife Natalia Meshchaninova at Kinotavr. Also in the episodic role of the leader of the leader of the “Red Bracelets” appears Alexander Kuznetsov, who could be seen in the films “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov and “Acid” by Alexander Gorchilin.

Yevgeny Tsyganov also entered the cast, he plays a man obsessed with his work, behind the coldness of which there are conflicting paternal feelings. Instead of him, Ilya’s stepmother, played by the beloved actress Ivan Vyrypaev, Karolina Grushka, is spending time in the hospital. Anna Mikhalkova shines in the role of the chief surgeon of the oncology department. And Maria Shalaeva, Darya Moroz, Madeleine Dzhabrailova and Olga Sutulova embody the images of those same parents who surround children in this difficult time.

A graduate of the school of documentary Marina Razbezhkina Natalia Meshchaninova has long been heard by those who are at least a little interested in modern Russian cinema. In 2010, she worked as the second director on the set of Valeria Gai Germanika’s series “School”. In 2014, her debut feature film “Combine” Nadezhda “received a lot of positive evaluations of critics at Kinotavr, and the press began talking about a new wave of women’s cinema.” Meshchaninov was placed on the same line with Nigina Sayfullaeva and Anna Melikyan as the main hope in the industry.

Documentality in her works can be traced very clearly, the stories and characters that she represents to the viewer are always close to life and full of pinching realism. Perhaps that’s why many of those who watched “Arrhythmia” to the end, instantly began to develop a discussion about how he would act on the spot of the heroine of Irina Gorbacheva. But talk to talk is different, and real life is always more severe than any fiction.

The special style of Meshchaninov, multiplied by the director’s talent of Boris Khlebnikov, once again proved that modern Russian cinema exists. It is interesting that this story on a medical topic appeared earlier than the story about the life of an ambulance. The emphasis is shifted from adults to children, but the whole action revolves around the hospital, which somehow appears in the life of every person.

Above the “Red Bracelets” Meshchaninova worked together with the screenwriter of the film “Combine” Hope “by Love Mulmenko (in the series she also played a vivid role of the second plan), and this story was not given as easily as it might seem. was pregnant and literally forced herself to work further.As she herself admitted, she was frightened by the fact that this could happen with her own child, but despite such moods, the story turned out to be bright and life-affirming.

Stasya Miloslavskaya and Philip Ershov. Shot from the series “Red Bracelets”
Stasya Miloslavskaya and Philip Ershov. Shot from the series “Red Bracelets”


The original Spanish TV series appeared in 2011 and for two seasons became a real hit. Right to adapt it instantly bought for production in the US and Germany. By the way, in the American version, the role of a nurse helping children was performed by the Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer. But the Russian version required a long agreement on copyrights, but eventually the producers managed to get this story into their own hands.

In the “Red Bracelets” Meshchaninov and Mulmenko tried to create the conventionality of what is happening. In addition to the fact that the viewer does not understand exactly where the action takes place, he also can not logically explain to himself some aspects of this story. So, Romka, who lies in a coma, turns out to be in the space of the basin, in which an accident happened. Those who are under anesthesia during the operation, fall into this pool, where they can talk with him until they regain consciousness.

In addition, one of the team “bracelets”, Anton, has some sort of superpower and can communicate with the boy when he is with him in the same room. This feature of the plot, more inherent in fairy tales than realistic stories, more than once rescues children in different situations, but until the very end does not find any justification, only once again emphasizing that the characters here are primarily children.

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