Anastasia Prikhodko was surprised by their appearance (PHOTO)

Анастасия Приходько удивила своим внешним видом (ФОТО)

Singer Anastasia Prikhodko took a selfie without makeup and styling.

The photo she posted to Instagram.

The singer even changed the style of his hair and showed how it looks with the bangs.

Анастасия Приходько удивила своим внешним видом (ФОТО)

Anastasia signed his photo: “Sitting on this porch in the sky watch and think! Those things out loud which you can’t say in all my 10 years I spent on stage was a different situation, and people met sneaky, rats, nits, hypocrites… and so on … full list of animals! Went here 11 years, and all the same people I meet on the way! Only here a strange feeling, it used to be tears, resentment, accusations and all! And now I came to the idea that I’m the only one to blame! Sometimes a good heart need your asshole, trust to remove all of life’s feelings, asking for help to refuse three times! Not believe, do not ask, do not wait! To score on the opinions of others, to live as I want, not conform to what I expect you not to be herd! That’s how I lived. A good heart and soul forever to fight with the strength and soul winning again sadly lost! Dear friends, all this is another lyrics to springboard, to live nobody taught! But one only need know! Without a soul I can’t! So again open arms for moral monsters! And how many more will? Yes x** knows! But without you, I’m sure to be bored!”.

In the comments of the followers of Ukrainian singer supported her and noted that she is a very strong, beautiful and will stand up to any test.

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