An unpleasant surprise: On new year parties massively notice the nests of insects that look like bumps

Неприятный сюрприз: На новогодних елках массово замечают гнезда насекомых, которые похожи на шишки

This year when you put up a tree, watch out for unexpected (and unwanted) surprises that may be hiding in its branches.

This writes Cosmopolitan.

Although it may look like a tiny pine cone, if you notice one of these “bumps” on your tree, you need to take immediate action. According to the Philadelphia native Daniel Reid, these brown lumps are actually a cluster of more than a hundred eggs of a praying mantis. Only this year he found two on his Christmas tree. To warn others, he shared a photo to Facebook earlier this month, and it quickly spread with incredible speed, gathering more than 65,000 posts.

A reporter from WOIO showed a photo of Daniela Dr Gavin George. To Swenson, an expert in invertebrate Zoology from the Cleveland Museum of natural history, who confirmed that “bump” is a nest of the mantis, and explained that hard exterior helps to protect the eggs during the winter. He also warned that getting one of these “bumps” in the warm house can cause early hatching (you will have praying mantises around the house – yeah!).

If you find a nest on your tree, it is best to prune the branch as soon as possible, and then gently bring the nest out and put it on a Bush or a tree.

We will remind, in Poland, a mummy was found with a nest of squirrels inside.