An eyewitness photographed disguised as a cloud “plate” (PHOTOS)

Очевидец сфотографировал замаскированную под облако «тарелку» (ФОТО)

In the process of walking a resident of the Far East saw a dish that resembled a cloud, and then she quickly disappeared in the sky.

It is reported

In the network appeared shots of the alien saucers made by the Russian photographer.

According to an eyewitness the incident, he was just observing the beauty of nature and in the process saw a strange object. He didn’t realize there was anyone in it, because the dish quickly disappeared from sight.

Ufologists, reading with pictures, has come to believe that the aliens came to our planet to gather information about her territories. That’s why they descended so low.

Hunter UFO S. Chernov announced that the aircraft disguised as a cloud, because they do not want to be discovered by earthlings. According to him, the strategy the aliens used for a long time.

It should be noted that under the clouds saucers aliens disguised rare. However it happens, the aliens know how to control them. Cloud plates can fly the ship to be shrouded in fog. From Earth they look like ordinary phenomenon of nature. Usually a disguise for cloud newcomers are used to carry out low flying.

Recall that there are more interesting ways of masking. American from Las Vegas to enjoy the beauty of nature at sunset. Everyone knows that at this time the sky is painted the most bizarre flowers. The sun was setting over the hill on the left. At this time, the sky appeared a glowing ball. It was smoky traces. Surely it was a UFO, but unfamiliar to us. It was like not even a cloud and the Northern lights, or some similar natural phenomenon. It looked very beautiful and fascinating.

UFO is in itself an anomaly. Of course, it is easiest to explain this by the fact that the alien ship. However, this may not be him.

Large issues are and clouds that look like a stack of pancakes. In appearance they resemble the ships of aliens. Feature of clouds is that they are colder and denser surrounding air. If the temperature remains stable, they just hang in one place, not moved.

Appear these clouds can absolutely anywhere. This files most often see them near inactive volcanoes and mountain tops. On the plains presented by the cloud are rare. The people are called lenticular, also they have other “names” — lenticular and lenticular clouds. They are constantly hunted by the photographers, but in recent time they pay any attention to scientists.