An expert on the allocation of Cabinet funds for the maintenance and repair of state roads

Эксперт о выделении Кабмином средств на содержание и ремонт дорог государственного значения

The construction of solid highways in Ukraine – an urgent necessity, but the problem is that, on the basis of the draft budget for 2019, funds for their development and maintenance are very scarce, and it was unknown how things develop with this project closer to spring.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the expert of the public campaign “Euro-patrol” Vyacheslav Konovalov.

“This problem needed solid roads of national significance is that previously allocated money to spot repair (five miles there, five miles here, etc.), whereas there should be one solid line. And now, finally, we talk about it again,” – said the expert.

According to Vladimir Konovalov, Ukraine should be the roads so people can drive in the same direction by different routes.

“Finally, the Cabinet was a man, who said that these need to be addressed. But another question, how will they be implemented. When Vladimir Omelian was transport Minister in 2015, he also talked about it. But how much time has passed since then, but nothing was done” – said the expert.

Again, when the decision is taken in the fall, you sell it will be only in the spring. Therefore, we can expect what will happen in the spring. That’s when you can see what is really done in this direction”, – summed up Vladimir Konovalov.

Recall that according to registered in the Verkhovna Rada the draft state budget for 2019, the costs of network development and the maintenance of public roads of the state value in the volume will reach 13 billion 052 million 950,9 thousand UAH.

In particular, for improvement of public roads along the route Lviv – Ternopil – Uman, White Church – Odessa – Nikolaev – Kherson Cabinet proposes to allocate 4 billion hryvnia from the state budget of Ukraine.

Improvement of state highway M-15 Odessa – Reni unable to allocate 1,5 billion UAH, and to improve the condition of roads P-51 Kharkov – Lozovaya – Pavlograd, N-08 Zaporozhye – Mariupol, N-14 Nikolaev – Kropivnitsky – 1 billion hryvnias for each. The arrangement of the Northern detour of the city of Rivne will cost the budget of Ukraine at UAH 200 million.

In addition, the budget-2019 provided subvention from the state budget to local budgets for financial support for the construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of public roads of local importance, streets and roads of communal property in settlements in the amount of 17 billion 654 million 174 thousand UAH.

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