An endangered species of amphibian was named in honor of trump (PHOTO)

Вымирающий вид амфибии назвали в честь Трампа (ФОТО)

The name is found in Panama amphibian gave the head of the company EnviroBuild Aidan bell. He gave it for the right 25 thousand dollars at auction in order to draw public attention to climate change.

This informs the Enviro Build.

A 10-cm creation of Dermophis donaldtrumpi found in America. It is noted that this amphibian is particularly sensitive to the effects of climate change and, therefore, is under threat of extinction because of the policy of the President of the United States.

Вымирающий вид амфибии назвали в честь Трампа (ФОТО)

This species of amphibians is of a type of legless amphibians, which are often buried in the ground. According to Aidan bell, the actions of amphibians can be compared with the behavior of the President of trump when he “avoids the scientific consensus” about climate change.

The money bell paid for the name for amphibians, will give the American non-governmental organization Rainforest Trust, which deals with the protection of the environment.

Вымирающий вид амфибии назвали в честь Трампа (ФОТО)

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