An accident on the hunt, a resident of Baltata village was fatally shot by his own nephew

 Несчастный случай на охоте: житель села Бэлцата был смертельно ранен собственным племянником

55-the summer inhabitant of Criuleni district died after accidentally shot dead his nephew during a hunt. The incident occurred this morning near Baltata village.

A local resident accidentally shot and killed his own uncle. The police said that the victim of the hunt was not expecting. He came without telling anyone. “He went into the forest, not taking any precautions. The Chairman of the hunting team shot, not noticing him behind a Bush. Wound to the head was fatal,” – said the press Secretary of the Criuleni Irina Burdujan.The police said that the gunman and the victim are members of society of hunters and weapons owned legally. Circumstances of incident are investigated. A few days ago an accident occurred in Kaushansky area. The hunter shot walking through the woods man. There is also under investigation.