American “shutdown” is not the main reason for the lack of trump in Davos – analyst

Американский «шатдаун» не является главной причиной отсутствия Трампа в Давосе – аналитик

The suspension of the work of the government and other state structures of the USA (“shutdown”, – Ed.) is not the main reason for the cancellation of the official visit of Donald trump at the world economic forum in Davos (IEC).

A personal opinion expressed European Explorer Marie Pudemo in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

As the analyst said, the American leader once again used the political processes in America for their own purposes, and demonstrated that Washington could unilaterally terminate its membership in key international organizations. “At the time, trump initiated the US withdrawal from UNESCO and of the WTO stated, in particular, it. – In addition, the United States has threatened to cut funding for energy programs with Germany and Austria. There is no doubt that, not appearing in Davos, the us President once again demonstrate the geopolitical ambitions of the White House”. On the question of whether effective IEC meeting without a delegation of America, M. Pudemo has not responded.

We will remind, before D. trump officially announced the impossibility of his presence on the sidelines of the IEC in Davos, explaining that “shutdown” in the United States. At the moment, due to announced on 22 December last year, the “shutdown” has stopped its work, the Department of State of the United States, NASA, the U.S. Department of justice and several units of the FBI. About 9 million employees sent on unpaid leave. Cause government collapse in the United States was the lack of consensus between the White House and Congress about the need to allocate $5 million for the construction of barriers on the U.S.-Mexican border.

Forum in Davos opens on 22 January this year. The IEC will participate in at least 70 countries.