American scientists have discovered a cemetery “child vampire” (PHOTO)

Американские ученые обнаружили кладбище «детей-вампиров» (ФОТО)

American archaeologists from the University of Arizona and Stanford University conducted excavations at the Italian cemetery, La Necropoli dei Bambini. They found the burial of children-“of vampires” and also were shocked by the practices of local residents with such superstitions.

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The last burial at this place in the ancient Roman Empire was in the 5th century, when many European countries were prone to malaria epidemics, which killed many babies. People believed that the events associated with the unclean spirits that could possess the bodies of the victims, then to rise again as vampires.

The remains of children were buried with stones in his mouth, and their limbs were tied boulders. Then the people were thrown into the grave of claws of ravens and the bones of frogs and bronze cauldrons filled with ash where the bodies of dead puppies. Such methods had to protect them from the dark forces that want to take a new life.

Previously in Cambodia the male vampire drank the blood of three dogs.

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