American Network asked to shoot trump: a couple of hours to it and knocked on the door (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Американка в Сети попросила пристрелить Трампа: через пару часов к ней постучали в дверь (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Residents of the state of Texas (USA) the Network has offered to shoot the President. These words had a negative impact.

It is reported Peekaboo.

A resident of San Antonio (TX) wrote on Facebook about the President: “somebody let this fool is already a bullet between the eyes!” and was very surprised to see him soon, two men in civilian clothes. One of them had an employee of the U.S. Secret service and the other employees of the local police. In the house they were not allowed, and all the conversation – raised voices – was filmed on video.

During the conversation the shocked woman claims his right to freedom of speech and repeatedly asked whether she committed the crime.

The incident occurred on January 10. Left – the police officer who is mainly silent, to the right is a secret service agent with a folder of printouts.

In the beginning the woman explains the situation to his nephew, who stands behind her and shoots video. She says she made a comment online (on Facebook) and now she’s got secret service and the police.