American conspiracy called the new end of the world

Американский конспиролог назвал новую дату конца света

American scholar-fan said that the planet in the coming Apocalypse. This time there were forecast that the alleged January 13, the Earth will collide with an asteroid 2002 NT7, which will lead to global consequences.

About it writes portal 24news.

Americans believe that in the result, all mankind will perish. This forecast also give many Western media, which claim that the American space Agency NASA is aware of the approaching asteroid, but I prefer not to reveal all the consequences of what could happen. However, it should be noted that NASA officials have repeatedly talked about this asteroid, however, they claim that there is no danger to Earth, he is not, because it will pass by our planet at a great distance.

However, conspiracy theorists said that a collision with Earth will occur on January 13 at about 13:00 Kyiv time. It is noteworthy that this asteroid was discovered in 2002, and it is well studied by astronomers. It refers to potentially dangerous objects, but the real threat is.

Earlier, Russian sage told about the imminent end of the world.