“America is poisoning us”: the network has ridiculed the statement of the Crimean pensioner – news ZIK.UA

A resident of the occupied Crimea accused of all the troubles of America, which allegedly poisons humans.

She stated this in comments to journalists “Crimea.Realities”. The corresponding video is published on Twitter.

«Америка нас труїть»: у мережі висміяли заяву кримської пенсіонерки – новини ZIK.UA

“Now everywhere one chemistry, one chemicals. You see, now all the people get cancer… And in Moscow, they say – meningitis. It’s all America awards. Poison, s*Ki, pardon the expression,” said a supporter of the “Russian world”.

At the same time clearly explain how the US can poison the occupied Crimea and Russia, the pensioner and could not. “This is the average witnica”, “we Have to wait until they do rest”, “America with her brain?”, “They’re born that way?”, – write in the comments under the video.

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