America is on the verge of collapse: what happens if trump will announce in the U.S. state of emergency

Америка на грани коллапса: что произойдет, если Трамп объявит в США чрезвычайное положение

The President of the United States of America officially threatened as congressmen, and ordinary Americans to enter the country a state of emergency. As noted by the White House, if Congress does not allocate about $ 5 billion on the construction of the separation wall along the border with Mexico, Donald trump will use his constitutional right and limit basic rights and freedoms on the territory from Nebraska to Florida.

Independent experts have already said that such a policy would lead to large-scale protests and even a revolutionary situation. However, as practice shows, to go back down the leader of the American nation did not intend.

It must be said. The basic law of the United States such thing as a “state of emergency”, does not exist. Accordingly, when trump speaks with such threats, it is to some extent disingenuous. At the moment, the U.S. has a special provision from 1976, called the English National Emergencies Act (in the literal legal translation – Law on an emergency situation – Ed.). Despite its strong wording, the document itself is not any “a harbinger of the Apocalypse.” Over the past forty years, this regime in America was introduced, at least twenty times, and in most cases, the reason for this became mass protests of trade unions and corruption scandals.

In the context of current American realities all happening, so to speak, is exactly the opposite. First, for a start, the acting head of state by an order dated 22 December 2018 announced the so-called “shutdown” (terminate) the main state institutions of the United States. Clearly offended by the fact that the vast majority of MPs did not want to allocate five billion dollars for the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico to counter Latin American immigrants, trump has actually gone VA-Bank. Suspending the work of the State Department, Department of justice, FBI and dozens of relevant agencies, the White house has denied a stable income more than 8 million employees. Moreover, in the best traditions of the American President assured the public his intention to break the proverbial constitutional norms and, if necessary, to enter America to direct presidential rule. That is, to announce the same state of emergency (state of emergency). “Wall on the us-Mexican border will sooner or later be built, whatever casualties it takes,” the pathetically said trump, no doubt, referring to the victim’s economic.

Economic sacrifices the United States has already suffered. Only the most conservative estimate, due to shut down official Washington has become poorer by $ 4 billion. Shares of the largest U.S. companies and multinational corporations on world markets fell to a historic low, and the leadership of individual States reserved the right to ignore any orders of the President.

“Team trump is looking for a loophole in the law that will help him to take control of the situation in the country, said in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA European expert in international law, Klaus Hoff. – This means that in the foreseeable future the White house will suspend the activities of political parties and public organizations, blocks the powers of local authorities and even will take to the streets to prevent troops of the shares “dissent”. All this suggests that America, as a superpower, is on the verge of collapse.”

Some experts tend to believe that actions trump can lead to a revolution and even a new civil war in the United States. They say that millions of Americans, dissatisfied with the reign of the current President, can go out and to come into collision not only with the police, but also army units, which trump plans to use as one of the instruments of power in case of emergency.

Still, optimists say that before the collapse will not come. “It is quite possible that Republicans will manage to persuade the Democrats in Congress to vote for the sponsoring of the construction of the border wall, – said in the comments of ГолосUA American columnist Jeremy Peters. – We’ve lost too much time and money. The objective of the White house to restore the reputation of America as a democratic state.”

Get it from trump, the notorious team that has lost the confidence of fellow citizens will see in the next few days.