Amanda Sthers about the estrangement between her children and their father Patrick Bruel : “It is very difficult for them”

Amanda Sthers à propos de l'éloignement entre ses enfants et leur père Patrick Bruel : "C'est très difficile pour eux"

Amanda Sthers was entrusted on his family life in Los Angeles, far from her ex Patrick Bruel, on the occasion of the release of his new film, Holy Lands.

Since last Wednesday, the third realization of Amanda Sthers is visible on the screens. Entitled Holy Lands, this film shot in the United States tells the story of how an american cardiologist in retirement decided to settle as a breeder of pigs in Israel. A decision poorly experienced by the premises as by his own family. Remained in New York, after being diagnosed with cancer, his ex-wife Monica tries to manage the lives of their grown children, Annabelle and David. In the Holy Lands, Amanda Sthers adapts his own novel, The holy lands. Cast : James Caan, Rosanna Arquette, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and… a certain Patrick Bruel in a small role. A blink of an eye clear when we know that Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel had been together for several years. The couple had two children : Oscar, born in 2003 and Leon, born in 2005.

Separate today, Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers live thousands of miles away : if the singer is still living in Paris, his ex-wife has left the French capital and moved to Los Angeles in 2015, with his two teenage sons. As a result, they see, more rarely, their father. A distance which is entrusted Amanda Sthers in an interview with the site Purepeople : “Patrick is on tour this year, so it is very difficult for the children, for us it will, but it is difficult for them… I think that having a father figure is the most important, so sometimes, he sees them less, but it will still be present. So we have yet to find a good balance and if it is too difficult, we will be back.” Despite their separation, Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers so remained on good terms, as evidenced by their recent collaboration on the Holy Lands. In Seven to eight, in November last year, the singer spoke of their relationship in these terms : “It was an extraordinary relationship, we get on very well. I would say like brother and sister. It is party a reaction of intelligence, compared to our children.”