All of today’s claims to the Medvedchuk – it’s just the election technology experts

Все сегодняшние претензии к Медведчуку – это просто предвыборные технологии, — эксперты

The criminal case against the Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk in his speech at the Congress of political power is nothing but a political prosecution of key figures in the opposition political camp.

In this matter the opinion of the expert community unanimously.

Ex-Vice-measures of Ochakov Gordey Belov drew attention to the fact that under Ukrainian law, a criminal case is opened immediately after the fact — and only then make a complaint.

“While this is only a procedural scheme. Mr. Medvedchuk throughout the conflict deals with the exchange of prisoners, constantly on the ear. Why now to claim it is just a pre-election technologies”, – said the official.

Belov also noted that the Medvedchuk – the political figure, which entails a certain electoral field in favor of opposition forces of Ukraine. That is why the current government, it is important to prevent any of its activities.

Sociologist Yevhen Kopatko said that the statements of each candidate in presidents of Ukraine are under the microscope of social scientists.

Statements about Russia and the Donbas – the most vivid, revealing. Poroshenko said about a cold peace with Russia. Zelensky said in a meeting with the ambassadors. Medvedchuk told about Donbass, it is now the key points are highlighted,” — he said.

Political analyst Vasily Makarov calls the criminal case against Medvedchuk clear example of political persecution.

“I can hardly be suspected of sympathy for him, but I see this as political persecution of Medvedchuk for his position. Yes, he indeed publicly at the Congress said about the world”, — said the expert.