All Inclusive : worst jersey, most beautiful love, Franck Dubosc, Francois-Xavier Demaison us their best holiday memories

All Inclusive : pire maillot, plus bel amour, Franck Dubosc et François-Xavier Demaison nous livrent leur meilleurs souvenirs de vacances

In All Inclusive, in cinemas this Wednesday, may 13, Franck Dubosc and François-Xavier Demaison is found in the full galley in a club in Guadeloupe. In front of our camera, the two actors recall their best and their worst holiday memories.

Holiday, I forget everything ? Not always… In any case, this slogan is not like the program of Franck Dubosc and François-Xavier Demaison in All Inclusive, the new “comedy seaside” by Fabien Onteniente, director of Camping. In this film, all two come embedded in a lot of galleys under the hot Caribbean sun where is their vacation club. This was a good opportunity to ask the two actors to dive into their sunny memories, and to submit a special questionnaire “leave”.

Then, Franck and François-Xavier Demaison, you are rather team or sea team mountain ? And elsewhere, under the sun, the program is rather relaxing on a sun lounger or tourist excursions is everything going ? The duo also reminisced on his fondest memories of holidays, its the most beautiful love summer, its the worst swimwear, or his sunburn. Where it is a question of the campers from holland, cochonou and painful shoulder…To see and to meditate before closing her suitcase !