Albert Dupontel : happy birthday to the last punk of French cinema

Albert Dupontel : bon anniversaire au dernier punk du cinéma français

This Friday, January 11, Albert Dupontel celebrates its 55 years. Far from the dictates of the seventh art, the actor-director remains one of the last punk of French cinema.

“It would be pretentious to believe that I am enough of the film for people to recognize my paw”, performed Albert Dupontel to our colleagues from Télérama in 2009. And yet… The registry burlesque is one of the trademarks of this fan of Chaplin who looks back on Monty Python. The actor and director, (which today celebrates its 55 years), in fact, regularly appeal to the members of the collective of comedians in the uk a small appearance in his films. But this is not the only “debt” that Dupontel made in the United Kingdom. We cannot help but find him a little bit of a punk, who brings a little bit of air in a French cinema sometimes landlocked.

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“Punk” means “rogue”, “rogue”, in English. More generally, the term refers to a musical movement of protest born in Britain in the late 60’s. If the film Dupontel does vehicle not necessarily political message, it wants to be, in any case, a little non-standard. So, in 2013, then it must define itself to the micro – Log unexpected of Marie Drucker on RTL, it shows up as “Albert Dupontel, actor-director, who tries to laugh his contemporaries with stories, not necessarily funny. Knows itself to be independent, sometimes isolated, but mainly tolerated, which is enough to a inner joy is furious.” The actor loves nothing so much as his freedom, even if you make evidence of radicalism or even shots of blood and memorable as in 2009, during the promotion of Naughty, where, annoyed by the journalist Laurent Bignolas, it leaves the 19/20 live.

Three years later, it is on the set of the Big night, where his character became a punk, he makes his own. Not supporting the excesses of Benoît Poelvoorde, he threatens not to do the film, and then comes back on his decision, on the sole condition that there be no alcohol on the set. “Albert would not have supported that Benedict is pissed. He does not drink at all, it is Coke Zero. The beer that we see on the screen is false” were telling the directors to our confreres SoFilm in 2012. It was more rock’n’roll as a star. Rarely also integrates.

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Returned from kindergarten at 4 years old, this hyperactive has abandoned his studies of medicine in the fifth year. “By escape the social ? Cowardice individual ? I don’t know”, he says. By conviction, does one want to think. “I’m an individual rather terse, which, when it has nothing more to say, is silent”, he said to RTL in 2013. It is hoped in any case that the free electron of French cinema will still be full of stories to tell. The critical and popular success achieved by his latest film, the flamboyant good-bye up there, it can only encourage them to continue to surprise us.