After Zelensky another comedian went to the presidents: Ukrainians not to laugh

Вслед за Зеленским еще один комик пошел в президенты: украинцам уже не до смеху

Long known to many Ukrainians, the comedian-blogger Peter Bumper posted a new video, in which they beat the scene with the nomination of his person to the elections of the President of Ukraine. It is worth noting that the video is very actively distributed in the network.

This became known thanks to a new video on the YouTube channel the Bamper. tv, says Know.

The plot scenes full of funny moments, with much irony and even satire. So, the plot, the Bumper Sousse came to Dina Vasilievna, who will listen to them sing and invited to drink tea. During the conversation she asked my Bumper, why he does not want to go for the presidency. What comedian gave a colorful response, flavoring every word of profanity. He also said he was not against to become President.

“And why not? A bunch of guests are more difficult to manage than the Verkhovna Rada!”, — says Peter Bumper.

But then he said, “These candidates are like condoms, where else would I climb” – he said, however, the woman did not give up and took it on a dare.

“What a b*d President?! I even have a tie and suit. What children will learn?! The President’s speech: “Good evening. All x*y”. That’s all, that’s the show, all greetings for the new year, BL*d”, – otrugala Bumper.

In the end, he said that he had a prophetic dream in which was shot with a machine gun “infinite ammo”.