After the timing of the introduction of the UN mission in the Donbass

Названы возможные сроки введения миссии ООН на Донбасс

Who will save the region

The question of the introduction of the peacekeeping mission of the OSCE together with the UN in the occupied part of the Donbass could freeze until after the election in Ukraine, scheduled for March.

This opinion was expressed by “Apostrophe”, the diplomat, senior Advisor Vasily Filipchuk, commenting on the proposal to create a joint mission.

“For Russians the option of the OSCE will be much more interesting than a UN operation, because it would complicate decision-making. And Russia’s influence in the OSCE is stronger than in the UN in the process of organizing peacekeeping operations. All of this is absolutely possible — there are no compelling circumstances. Another thing, do we really need this. And most importantly, how is now the question of the peacekeeping operation on the agenda? I think somewhere in the beginning of autumn last year, he was removed from the agenda until after the election in Ukraine”, — he said.

According to Filipchuk, if we talk about the possibility of participation and the UN, and the OSCE in peacekeeping operations, it is consistent with standard international practice, when the international operation is divided into several components and attract the maximum number of organizations.

“The UN can engage the military component of the peacekeeping mission, the OSCE can take the help of police the mission of the organization or administration of the territory, and so forth,” he said.

Filipchuk said that from the point of view of autonomy, independence or at least greater autonomy from the influence of member countries, UN has a significant advantage over the OSCE, where there is quite hard, and a stronger monitoring of member countries activities in the field.

“The UN and the much larger traditions and standards of peacekeeping operations is well drawn. So personally, I would still like to see all focused within the structures of the UN. But it does not matter if some of the functions will give the OSCE. Here is a subject for debate, although in General the involvement of the OSCE will complicate the process of harmonization, coordination and so on”, — the diplomat added.