After the anti-socialist coup Ukraine has slipped to the level of the poorest countries Simonenko

После антисоциалистического переворота Украина скатилась до уровня беднейшей страны – Симоненко

After the anti-socialist coup of the last century and the restoration of capitalism, Ukraine from the category of highly sunk to the level of countries with peripheral economies, marginalized culture, given to the oligarchs-collaborators under the external control of international capital and transnational corporations, seated on a credit needle of the IMF.

This was during the European forum in Bilbao (Spain) said the leader of the leader of the Left forces of Ukraine Petro Symonenko.

“According to, for example, Bloomberg (Blumberg), Ukraine remains in the top ten poorest countries in the world (7th place) and is recognized as the poorest country in Europe, pushing into second place in Moldova, which for many years belonged to the “palm” for this indicator. Less than 5% of millionaires and billionaires own 95% of the wealth of the country. And about 70% of the citizens thrown into poverty,” – said P. Symonenko.

In addition, in Ukraine the lowest salaries and pensions in Europe, with some of the highest tariffs on utility services at a minimum quality. Meanwhile, civil servants and top managers of SOEs do not hesitate to award themselves bonuses of tens of millions of dollars.

The CPU leader stressed that Ukraine ranks first in Europe for socially dangerous infections such as tuberculosis, viral hepatitis C and b, HIV/AIDS, the country officially recognized by the UN as a dying country.

“Young people, and not only not associate with Ukraine or its future or the future of their children. For example, about 40 thousand Ukrainian students receiving education in universities and colleges of Poland. However, to return to Ukraine after graduation, I plan only 5 – 10 percent of young people.

In search of a job abroad left according to various estimates, from 7 to 10 million Ukrainian citizens of working age. Ukrainians, literally, into “a nation of fugitives,” – said P. Symonenko.

We will remind, today, on 9 November, in Bilbao (Spain) the second European Forum of left, green and progressive forces, which will be attended by the leader of the Ukrainian Communists Peter Simonenko.

European Forum of left forces, the so-called Marseilles Forum, organized by the President of the European left party, Gysi.

In comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA Petro Symonenko stressed that the Forum participants plan to discuss problems of migration, labour movement, social protection, rights of citizens to employment, peace. In fact, it will be about finding ways to limit the appetite of capital, and through the use of economic opportunities be made more equitable distribution of wealth.

It is worth Recalling that at the time, the European left said that it was the need to create common leftist forces Europe Forum, which would be attended by representatives of leftist parties, trade unions, social organizations, civil organizations and left-wing intellectuals who are opposed to the current course of the EU, at the same time calling to fight the far-right nationalist danger.

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