After heart transplantation from a male donor 50-year-old British woman suddenly fell in love with a beer (PHOTO)

После пересадки сердца от мужчины-донора 50-летняя британка неожиданно полюбила пиво (ФОТО)

The heart of a 50-year-old Sharon Williamson stopped right in front of her daughter. The doctors managed to revive the woman, but warned that she may soon die again and this time permanently, unless she gets a heart transplant.

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После пересадки сердца от мужчины-донора 50-летняя британка неожиданно полюбила пиво (ФОТО)

Sharon was incredibly lucky and after four days was found for her donor heart, which according to some information was taken from dead in Iraq soldier. And after Sharon woke up after the transplant, she suddenly realized that very much wants to drink beer.

She began everywhere to feel strange smell, like the smell of wet socks. According to Sharon, all of this could have strange side effects others heart. These unusual phenomena are pursued Sharon for over a year. Previously she didn’t like beer, and now she wanted to drink it. And the smell of wet socks too, all the time was with her.

Sharon became ill after Jogging on the street. It made him sick, and his legs began to limp. She somehow managed to run to his car and got to the hospital, where she was examined by doctors. She found Sharon’s on nothing, but was advised to come regularly for consultation. Sharon did so, and she had been in the hospital 6 times before she was diagnosed with a very rare heart disease giant cell myocarditis.

After that, she underwent two operations, but they yielded no improvements and one morning, Sharon’s heart just stopped. Fortunately, her daughter was nearby and she called the doctors. When Sharon woke up in the hospital, she told me that she had seen a bright white light, and her daughter cried and said that he had seen a dream in which her mother died.

After that, the doctors said that Sharon remained only about two weeks and if she doesn’t find a donor heart, she really will die. Sharon was afraid after these words, awake at night and prayed. And the miracle happened. After 4 days she found a donor heart and had a surgery. But after the surgery, Sharon was like waking the other person.

She was confused and scared, but it seemed normal in her situation, however, she began to experience strange symptoms. “When I woke up four days after the transplant, and I pulled a bunch of tubes, I suddenly began to feel a strong smell of wet wool socks. And then I really wanted to drink beer. I wanted to be that screaming, so I quickly brought a couple of cans. In the end someone from my family took pity and brought me a jar of beer and I drank it all”.

Sharon really wanted to find out who donated the heart, but all that she managed to learn is that he was a man and served in the army in Iraq. Now craving for beer and the smell of wool socks is not worried about Sharon, and she thinks it’s because soldier’s heart finally “got used” to the new body.

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