After four divorces, Melanie Griffith criticized the idea of ​​marriage

After four divorces, Melanie Griffith criticized the idea of ​​marriage
After four divorces, Melanie Griffith criticized the idea of ​​marriage
InStyle magazine prepared a great material with Melanie Griffith in September, an interview and a photo session. The response to it on the network did not take long. Internet users are discussing the photos of the 61-year-old actress and her statements about ex-husbands, children, and personal life.

Melanie survived four divorces and is now skeptical about the stamp in the passport.

I do not think marriage matters, especially when you’re 60, you have four children and the life you always wanted. Why marry? I’m ready to fall in love, start a romantic relationship, but I do not have them yet. I continue to search. I had lovers, but not serious relationships,
– told the actress about life after the divorce.

However, she clarified that in the search for a man rejects mobile applications for dating and does not ask his adult children to introduce her to someone.

I think that I can find myself a couple myself, but if you have someone in mind, tell me,
She joked in a conversation with a journalist.

For Don Johnson, her first husband, Melanie left at age 18, but their relationship began long before that. Marriage did not last a year – in July 1976, the actors divorced. And in 1989 they married for the second time and became parents – Dakota appeared.

Don and I were made for each other. The reunion was inevitable, karmic. Dakota was supposed to be born,
Said Griffith.

After the final separation from the Don, she married Antonio Banderas, with whom she lived for 18 years and from whom she gave birth to her daughter Stella. Melanie also has a son, Alexander, who was born into a marriage with actor Stephen Bauer.

About my three husbands I can say that I love them all, we are very close,
She says.

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