After a denunciation of Murewa SBU Russia closed the entrance for about 20 activists of his party – blogger

После доноса Мураева в СБУ Россия закрыла въезд для 20 активистов его партии – блогер

Due to the fact that Eugene Moore wrote a denunciation of his former colleagues in the security Service of Ukraine, 20 activists of his party “Our” banned entry to the territory of the Russian Federation.

About this on his page in Facebook said the blogger Elena Markosian.

“Friends wrote that 20 activists of the party of Eugene Muraev “Our” banned entry to the territory of the Russian Federation. And as all well began! Eugene himself was looking for active contacts with Moscow, put in priority the establishment of peace in Ukraine, and then suddenly something happened,” wrote Markosyan.

She noted that the story of the care Murewa from Rabinovich and ultra-fast start of a new political project “Our” originally looked ugly. Despite the fact that Moore is not one month created their own political force, nominally under the party “For life”.

“Moore planned the care for a long time, worked actively, but did not leave the party “For life” until he primerica under her wing. Or have not yet received the corresponding command? Network write that it is the latter, what commands they Bank. And I have no reason not to believe it,” stated the blogger.

According to her, the apogee of political entrepreneurship Murewa was an open call for the head of the SBU to take measures to the fifth column and the “hand of the Kremlin”.

“What was he thinking when he was looking for contacts with the Kremlin? Or then you could look for to secure the status of long-term policy? All this is sad. But suffered from their political enterprise, not only does Moore. As it turned out – and his associates of “Our” too. Defector confused which way he flees – and as a result led his team in a political quagmire in which they all together begin to sink. And from which, obviously, they can’t get out” – summed up Elena Markosian.