Adventures of Italians in Yakutia: the truck with the film crew got in an accident when -58

Приключения итальянцев в Якутии: грузовик со съёмочной группой попал в ДТП при -58

In the truck there are three lifeguards, operators, a translator and a medic — they were heading to the shooting of the documentary.

Car Yakutian rescue service, which drove the crew out of Italy, broke down on the way to Oymyakon. At the time of the incident, the air temperature in the region reached 58 degrees below zero, reports TASS.

According to the Agency, KAMAZ, which moved the aliens stuck a few kilometers from the village of Oymyakon Yuchugey. At the time of the incident in the car were three rescuers, operators, interpreter and health professional. Their life is not in danger.

In Oymyakon was supposed to go shooting with Italian runner-extremal Paolo Venturini, who is going to set a new record for the marathon at 60-degree frosts.

Earlier in an accident near Kharkov faced six cars.