According to the new amendments to the criminal code, the male organ has become an instrument of violence – expert

Согласно новым поправкам в УК, мужской половой орган стал инструментом насилия - эксперт

The adoption of the law on consent to sex in Ukraine says that most of our MPs crazy.

This commentary, ГолосUA said security expert Sergey shabovta.

“The fact is that the decision to accept this very complex and socially significant law on the nature and background of sexual relations, including within the family, not commensurate social status of the state and not taking into account legislative regulation of all spheres of society, had to consider the unity and harmony of the society,” – said the expert.

According to him, Ukraine of today is a very complex country with incredible dominant depressive moods, because now frequent trend is the fact that one member of the family kills all of its members, and then imposes on herself.

“This suggests that depression is primarily manifested in family relations and manifested the most monstrous way. And imagine this background to apply a tool that we have started to work from 11 th? This mechanism is discharged completely one-sided and from the standpoint of terminology, the male organ is an instrument of violence and not the physiological part of the body, of which he is”, – concluded S. Shabovta.

As reported, 11 January 2019, entered into force amendments to the criminal code of Ukraine regarding sexual violence.