Accidentally locked inside the Church, a resident of Causeni rayon, robbed her

 Случайно запертый в церкви житель Каушанского района, ограбил ее

Kainary resident of the village of Causeni district were caught stealing in a local Church. After the service, he hid in the temple, made sure the door was locked, and carefully folded in the package brought by the parishioners of the products. Then broke the lock and left, but soon returned.

“The package of food he had left at city hall. A little later, he decided to return to the Church to see what else is there to profit,” – said the press-Secretary of the SP. Sylvia the Branch.This time the thief took away gold and silver chains and crosses. At the scene he was caught by the priest. “He was drunk, but kept on his feet, spoke clearly. Admitted that took all that glittered. Gold and silver hid so that we found,” said the priest Valentine Baltag.The thief several times changed the indications, and in the end promised to make amends by working in the Church. “I am sorry. Nothing would ever take. What I’ve done… But I left the money. So I don’t regret anything,” admitted caught stealing Paul baydaev.Local residents are outraged by the act of a villager. According to them, the man drinks a lot.”It is a great sin, especially on the eve of a great holiday”.”I do not know how to steal in a Church, because it is a Holy place. It’s a shame for the village.”Opened a criminal case. Suspect sent for psychiatric examination. In the case of a guilty plea, he faces four years in prison.