Academician Gorbulin estimated the probability of a major war with Russia with Ukraine

Академик Горбулин оценил вероятность большой войны РФ с Украиной

Is there a chance for Putin?

Large-scale war with Russia will not, as Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to live.

In an interview with “Facts” said the adviser of the President of Ukraine, academician Volodymyr Horbulin. However, he noted that full-scale war could end the world.

“Putin loves life. He rides in the car on BAM, flying in a fighter plane, fishing on the lake, still engaged in judo. He loves life and loves himself. He understands that a full-scale war may be the end not only Ukraine and Russia but all over the globe, which, by the way, himself at the expense of civilization is approaching some kind of end. Therefore, in conversations about what awaits humanity in the year 2100 or 2150 meters, even does not go”, — he said.

Also in Ukraine is a nuclear power plant, near the Ukrainian border, some Russian. Putin does not want a repetition of the Chernobyl tragedy, said said.

“The next argument is our gas transport system. What are all these “Northern flows”? If Putin starts a war against us, the grid end, and the whole of Western Europe will remain without gas. In January 2006, just one day stopped the flow of gas, but what’s the fuss,” — said the politician.

Horbulin said that the conflict with the Kremlin is necessary to solve politiko-diplomatic means. It should be noted that Russia always supports terrorists on Donbass.

“In the Donbass two “army” corps — 32 thousand well-armed and well-trained people. Besides constantly coming humanitarian convoys from Russia, where 70 percent of the funds for the war. After their arrival always suddenly escalated the situation on the frontline”, — he concluded.