About 400 units of special equipment to deal with the consequences of heavy snowfall

 Около 400 единиц спецтехники борются с последствиями сильного снегопада

Continued across the country clearing the roads. To help rescue workers and road workers brought the army. On the national roads blocked sites there. Sometimes restrictions are imposed only for trucks.

Meanwhile, 460 kids did not make it today to class. Flight school bus overturned in six districts. A day in the country occurred more than a hundred accidents in which nine people injured. Three were injured in a car accident in Straseni district. According to police, the driver was speeding, and the car slid into a ditch. To prevent accidents on the road brought additional police crews.

“On the national road brought about a thousand policemen, including district police officers of the villages to provide aid to citizens. 24 hours asked for help more than 700 people”, – said the Deputy head of the ISU George Kavkalyuk.

Military rescues cars from the snow captivity. Help the army took in Orhei and Novoanensky areas.

Help stranded motorists on highways provided and is checking the situation on the roads, the Minister of economy Kirill the Premier and the Minister of defence Eugene Sturza.

On the tracks involve about 400 units of special equipment.

“I work from six in the morning. As you can see, snow is strong, and we have to work without stopping. Then see what will be the weather.”

“From two o’clock in the morning on his feet, working non-stop. Seven made a small break and then got back on the road Chisinau-Ialoveni. Work very hard, but people can not explain it”.

Drivers are asked to remain at home. If you cancel the trip is not – to be very careful.

“If there is no urgent need to go somewhere by car, it’s better to refrain from trips to give an opportunity for our crews to travel to all national and local roads,” – said the Minister of economy and infrastructure, the Premier.

“So far, so good. Let’s see what happens”.

“In General, all is well. It is evident that the road work. Winter is winter, nothing can be done”.

To monitor the condition of the roads on the sites asd.md and mei.gov.md. Phones operational services administration road 022-74-89-61 and 060-477-177. In the event of an emergency should contact the General Inspectorate for emergency situations by phone 022 73 85 45 or to call 112.

Forecasters say the night snow faint, but strong wind gusts will reach 70 kilometers per hour on the roads formed snow drifts.