Abnormal frosts stopped the nuclear power plants in the United States

Аномальные морозы остановили работу АЭС в США

Polar vortex, who came to the territory of America, has become a real problem: it not only destroys some wild animals, but also becomes a cause of non-functioning nuclear power plant.

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Recently in the United States stopped glowing nuclear reactor as a result of the glaciation of the system of water intake for cooling. We are talking about the power plant Salem (Salem Unit 2).

To each block included six water pumps that connect Delaware Bay special exhaust screens. These screens are rotating, immersed in water and rise.

Employees of nuclear power plants after the discovery of glaciation tried to melt ice with a heater, but to no avail: the equipment was not as powerful as I would like.

Four of the six pump out of service. The first electric unit had to reduce power to 92.5%. Experts hope that in the near future will be able to run nuclear power plants at full capacity. However, no exact predictions of when it will be.

Meanwhile, Americans are EN masse conducted experiments on abnormally hard frost. Boiling water even in large volumes instantly turns to snow.