Abnormal frost in the United States: Boiling water instantly turns into snow (VIDEO)

Аномальный мороз в США: Кипяток моментально превращается в снег (ВИДЕО)

Americans are EN masse conducted experiments on abnormally hard frost. Boiling water even in large volumes instantly turns to snow.

About it report “Details”.

People are out on the street with cups and large pots of boiling water and dramatically poured his. On the fly the hot water instantly turns into snow.

Thus, people themselves have very warm clothes and immediately run into the house.

We will remind, earlier it was reported frosts in the United States has claimed the lives of 12 people. Canada and the U.S. have fallen to the so-called polar vortex, which brought with it the strongest frosts and snowfalls. It is expected that in some regions the temperature can drop to 53 degrees below zero Celsius — colder than Antarctica.