A year after the death of his 4 year old daughter and the loss of her baby, Ruthie Ann Miles goes on stage in the United States

Un an après la mort de sa fille de 4 ans et la perte de son bébé, Ruthie Ann Miles remonte sur scène aux Etats-Unis

Ruthie Ann Miles, appeared in The Americans, will rise again soon on stage in the United States, a year after the terrible car accident that caused the death of his daughter and the loss of her baby.

In march 2018, a real tragedy has affected the lives of Ruthie Ann Miles. Well known to Broadway in the United States for his participation in various musicals, the actress also appeared in the series The Americans was struck with extreme violence by a car while she was seven months pregnant. At that moment, she was walking with her 4 year old daughter, but also with a friend and her son for a year. Because of the collision, the two children are deceased, and the actress has lost the baby she bore two months later. A drama of which it seems impossible to get back one day.

However, a few months later, in August 2018, Ruthie Anne Miles has found the strength to reconnect with his passion up on the stage, in London, where she resumed one of its roles headlights in The King and me. Today, the artist seems to take a step forward in her grieving process by accepting, for the first time to play in a new room, in New York, the city where the terrible accident. As well, it will happen as soon the march 4, 2019 in Camelot , where she will play the enchantress who gives Arthur his famous sword Excalibur. A courage that commands respect.