A well-known conspiracy called the new date of the Apocalypse

Известный конспиролог назвал новую дату апокалипсиса

Famous conspiracy theorist David Mead called the regular date of the Apocalypse to 2 July this year. Although all previous predictions had failed, this time the scientist is echoed by three independent astrologer in the past who made a similar prediction: Hal Lindsey, Michael Flipp, and Jeane Dixon.

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Regarding David Meade, he said that new date of the Apocalypse he found in the five books of Moses, although the Bible generally prohibits humanity such calculations. In the Chapter referenced in the conspiracy, we are talking about the wrath of God on sinners and their punishment. The researcher believes that these plans of the Almighty is July 2, 2019 – this day is going to start solar Eclipse, which will be able to see only the people in Chile, Argentina or South Pacific.

If this time David Mead was wrong, the next date of the Apocalypse predicted, they can be named on December 26 of this year, when is the next “annular” Eclipse. It will be able to see the residents or guests of the Primorye and Transbaikal region of the Russian Federation, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, southern India, the Eastern territories of the Arabian Peninsula.

Meanwhile, ufologists call the exact date of the End of the world.