A time of change: the first half of 2019 for all Zodiac signs

 Время перемен: гороскоп на 2019 год для всех знаков Зодиака

Astronomers have made the first half of 2019, by which you will learn about upcoming events and will be able to avoid dangerous situations.

Astrologers say that in 2019, many people will be able to correct old mistakes and to change your life for the better. Learn more about the representatives of different Zodiac signs, you will be able to learn from the horoscope portal SlovoFraza,reports Unian.


The most favorable time is expected in the beginning of the year. At this time, the amplified Mars will present many new opportunities and unexpected events that can change the life of Rams for the better. But from mid-February, the patron will weaken in the constellation Taurus: the influence of this Sign can have a detrimental effect on the fiery energy of Aries and reduce their productivity. To keep energy and good mood until the end of the year the representatives of this constellation is to use additional sources of power. Astrologers claim that in 2019, perseverance and dedication will help the rams to succeed, to strengthen its position and to find a solution to old problems.


In the first half of the year, Taurus will have to solve old problems. This time will be stressful, but spent nerves and energy are the result. Unstable energy of the moon will change constantly, so some days the Bulls can feel the decline of life Seeley insecurities. In may, the patron of the mercury will go into a strengthened position. Since then, the Bulls will be able to feel peace and harmony. Financial problems will fade into the background and make himself known only in December 2019. However, astrologers emphasize and enhanced Venus, which will help Taurus to find a soul mate or strengthen your current relationships.


In the early months of 2019 global change are expected. At this time the Twins are advised to plan for the future, to seek new opportunities and think about how to change their lives and become more successful. Looking for a new job will be successful, especially for those who wish to find their true purpose. The second half of the year will be busy in terms of work and Finance. The patron of the mercury will contribute to the achievement of objectives and will help to get rid of monetary problems. In the personal sphere astrologers do not predict global changes, but the Twins, who want to find love, you will still be able to meet the person with whom you see a future together. Go to a more serious level of relations will be self-confident Twins.


In 2019, the Cancers will have a whole range of changes. Opportunities to improve the quality of life will be greater, so there is every chance that this year’s Crawfish will be able to realize themselves and achieve well-deserved success. Astrologers advise not to be afraid of changes and a positive attitude at the beginning of the year. The influence of the moon could trigger a series of unpleasant moments, but dealing with them is not difficult. Under the influence of Jupiter will noticeably increase the confidence and performance of Cancers, but it is not necessary to devote time to work and business as a private sphere of life may need attention.


Best position of stars and planets contribute to external changes and spiritual growth. Within twelve months many things can change, starting with work and ending with Outlook. The lions will be able to change the priorities in March 2019. In this period, the Sun will become stronger, and the influence of patron will help you gain strength and confidence. Great success will achieve those who are not afraid of change and moving forward towards its goals, despite the difficulties. Under the influence of Jupiter, the representatives of the Leo Sign can make useful contacts, to find friends or find a soulmate. The end of the year will be an emotional time. In this period, you can find new sources of inspiration to develop talents and to sum up the past months.


2019 will require Dev of increased activity at work, in business and everyday life. You need to exert a little more effort to reach your goals, and the fruits of efforts will be noticeable in the middle of the year. In the spring of patron mercury will be strong, and Virgo will be able to gain new knowledge, develop useful skills and to apply this information in practice. In 2019, the astrologers suggest to think carefully about every action. Any wrong move could destroy all that was achieved through hard work. Time to fix the bugs will not be so in difficult situations, rely on intuition, but to listen to the advice of others is necessary only in extreme cases.


2019 will be filled with bright events and amazing opportunities, but should not be taken all at once, otherwise you can fail in all endeavors. From 26 March to 19 April, Venus will be strengthened, so that time Scales expect the unexpected romantic adventure that can lead to a serious relationship. Saturn will help to achieve success. 2019 will be successful for confident Weights that are not afraid of risks and independently overcome any obstacles. At the end of the year, success belongs to those who went to their targets in all the previous months.


The beginning of the year is favorable for new beginnings and attracting positive change. At this time, the Scorpions will receive the energetic support of Mars and thus be able to change your life. Winter is a good time to find a new job, a raise of position, change of residence, contracts and business acquaintances. Any changes will allow the Scorpions to expand horizons, to move to the desired goals and to find new sources of income. In his personal life astrologers predict difficulties. The influence of Venus can destroy current relationships and to encourage the Scorpions to rash actions, which will have to regret it later. The search of new love will not be successful, and Dating the opposite sex will lead to a series of fleeting novels.


In 2019, Sagittarius should take the risk and try myself in new spheres of activity. The search for true purpose will be successful, however to achieve the desired will take time. The patron of the Sun will help the gunners to recover from the negative events of the past and once again feel the ground beneath your feet. Probably, the representatives of this constellation will be able to find the causes of their failures and leave them in the past. Most of the time is devoted to introspection and action to find new pathways towards their goals and become happier.


The positive influence of Saturn will help Capricorns to work harder, and rise of vitality will become visible in early 2019. From the first months it is necessary to start new nacinaem and aim for the implementation of the plans. Horoscope Capricorn promises radical changes that will affect literally all aspects of life. Luck will accompany those who does not hide from new opportunities and boldly risk. In the middle of the year there may be obstacles, breaking that Capricorns will be able to change lives for the better. The events of the coming year can Deplete energy reserves, so in December is to go to a long-awaited vacation.


During the year, Aquarius can visit the brilliant ideas that will find expression in real life. Thanks to the influence of Saturn, the representatives of this constellation will be able to achieve your goals and advance your career. Many will be able to recognize old mistakes and find a solution, after which the life of Aquarius will be open to positive change. In the coming months patron Neptune will remain in a strengthened position. Through his influence, the Aquarius will be able to make acquaintance with influential people and find the right business partner to launch your own project.

Pisces Astrologers suggest the Fish to overcome their fears, because in 2019 they will become the main obstacle on the path to success and positive change. It is not necessary to devote the others in their plans, as even a circle of close friends can be envious people who want to interfere in the personal Affairs of Fishes.Saturn will have a strong positive effect on energy, so the Fish will be able to finish the job and get to new business. The spring season will be filled with romantic events. Due to the influence of Venus, the representatives of this constellation will be able to find love or to take things to the next level.