A star of Ten percent appears a picture too cute for its passage in… The School of fans !

Une star de Dix pour cent ressort une photo trop mignonne de son passage dans… L'Ecole des fans !

One of the actresses of the series of Ten per cent remembers on Instagram of its passage in the emission Jacques Martin School of fans.

Become an actress today, this young woman has made a transition to television when she was little, without knowing that it would play in a series of years later. The actress Stéfi Celma, known for her role of Sofia Leprince in the series of France 2 Ten per cent, was already wanting to embrace this career when she was small. On Instagram Thursday, 10 January, the actress posted a photo to remember the day when she participated in the issuance of the Jacques Martin School of fans. We see on this old cliché Stéfi Celma, small, assisted at the bottom, all smiles, and the celebrity host in front on the stage. “And I could see Jacques Martin as the greatest of the children…”, she wrote in the caption of the photo.

On the board of The Ecole des fans, Stéfi Celma, 5 years old, had told the facilitator that she never wanted to be neither a singer, nor an actress, but rather a dressing table. She had sung the title not Cry Boulou, Pierre Bachelet. Despite the wish of the girl she was then, it is in the music she has started her career with the musical comedy Zazie Floor Circus, and then the show I saw of Laurent Ruquier on the songs of Charles Aznavour.

Since then, the public has seen on film in The Teachers ‘ lounge, where she played Amina, prof de français. His role in Ten percent has even more made to take off his career. Since then, she has played in several movies including “like mother, like daughter by Noémie Saglio and The Former Maurice Barthélémy. The young woman is currently showing at the film Pupil, Jeanne Herry.