A simple product from the chicken broke the record hits online (PHOTO)

Простой продукт от курицы побил рекорд просмотров в Сети (ФОТО)

Picture eggs on a white background set a record for number of Instagram likes.

10 days later, the picture has collected more than 25 million approving reactions, breaking the popularity of the photo of his newborn daughter Kylie Jenner, notes BuzzFeed.

Простой продукт от курицы побил рекорд просмотров в Сети (ФОТО)

The author of the post-record holder anonymous created the account eggs world_record_egg specifically to oust the leader. “Let’s set a world record and create salibandy Instagram. Beat the current record that holds Kylie Jenner (18 million)”, said the author of the profile 4 Jan.

Initially, the rise in the number of likes was not rapid. However, once it drew the attention of many media, January 13 post managed to overcome the barrier of 13 million and continue to grow.

The author has set a record photo reveals his identity. He is represented by a hen named Henrietta from the UK. Egg Henrietta called Eugene.

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