A search in the headquarters Zelensky: details became known

Обыск в штаб-квартире Зеленского: стали известны подробности

As it was

Recall that on 11 January in the Ukrainian capital was very disturbing and confusing incident. So, in the center of Kiev passed the so-called RAID on the premises of the famous Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zelensky.

On the incident details known to the journalists “


“It all started about 10 o’clock in the morning. To our office the lawyers arrived from Vladimir Zelensky with the police and said that we should leave the room, because we allegedly illegally lease it. Our lawyers have suggested it’s all resolved by legal means. As a result, this whole routine lasted the whole day and in the evening came spetsnaznacheniya that pushed six of our officers in a paddy wagon, and went to the Pechersk police Department. At the moment we are dealing with their question. On Monday we will sue to the court,” – told “Vesti”, who first appeared on the scene, employees of the company suffered because of the seizure.

As of 18:40 at the office, which seized the people of Vladimir Zelensky, all is quiet. Police dispersed activists on both sides dispersed. Remained only the guard Zelensky, who refused to allow the correspondent “News” in the room. At the same time, representatives of the company that leased the office said that he wrote the relevant statements to the police and the Prosecutor’s office, and on Monday will apply to the court.

Police detained more than 5 people. The detainees were placed in bus commandos, parked near the office.